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We offer a variety of Amateur Radio bits 'n' pieces for not only the Shack, but also a range of outdoor portable kit.  Our Baluns are made in our workshop and therefore pride is taken in using not only the best quality materials - but also the right materials.  See About Us for more details.

We ship to the UK, Ireland and Europe.  Click here for postage/shipping rates.  You can easily calculate the cost of shipping by adding items to the shopping cart and entering your Post/ZIP Code.  Details on Royal Mail's delivery status can be found on their website here.

CobWeb Balun from Ham GoodiesBe resonant on 5 popular HF bands with an aerial that's low-impact on the neighbours but high-impact on the airwaves:  Our popular CobWeb Balun Box is available in Standard or QRO versions - so if you like to put a few more Watts up your feeder, the QRO version is for you.

The CobWeb is under 8ft square and allows operation on 14/18/21/24/28MHz with good performance as low as 15ft AGL.  You'll need to add the mounting hardware, spreaders and wires - details of suppliers are on the product page.

Fair-Rite FerritesBaluns and Ferrites : It's good practice to fit a BAL(anced) to UN(balanced) transformer where feeder meets aerial (or a different feeder).  8 turns of coax on an FT240-31 ferrite is OK for most Balun/Choke situations, but see the chart on our Ferrites page for further details as well as our pre-made solutions in QRP, 100w or 400w versions.  For most Dipole/Doublet/G5RV installations up to 100w, we suggest this lightweight 1:1 Choke/Balun.  For QRO needs, we've added an option to specify 2x FT240-31 with RG142.

The cost of ferrites is rising, and seems to be quite volatile - we'll try to be as competitive as possible!

Fancy some /P?  Our range of /P goodies keep your aerial in the air and your wires neat+tidy. Dipole Centre Kit, Velcro Cable-Ties and don't forget the Wire WindersOh, Baluns! If you've ever dropped a vital aerial part into the long grass - a spare set of fixings might be a good idea!  We offer a set of stainless-steel M4 fixings which can be used with all of our balun products.

Problem-Solver Ferrite Choke from Ham GoodiesIf there's something strange, on your waterfall... With the increase in use of electrical gubbins thanks to furlough and (wo)man-caves, there's a chance that our 31-mix "Problem-Solver" can tame some of the electrical "crud" coming through the house wiring.  It can also be used as an RF choke on coaxial cables.  This item is a great way to test your coax and/or mains leads before committing to a permanent fix.  Check out the product page for details on how to use this as an effective mains filter for your Shack.

Cheeky wire down the garden to keep the neighbours happy?  Choose from either a 9:1 UnUn (for random wires with/without ATU) or the End-Fed Halfwave matching unit for single or multi-band use.

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