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We offer a variety of Amateur Radio goodies for not only the Shack, but a range of outdoor/portable kit, as well.  A number of products are made in our workshop and we take pride in using not only the best quality materials but also the right materials.  See About Us for more.

Ham Goodies ships to UK, Europe and United StatesWe ship to the UK, Europe and United States.  There is a currency selector at the top of the page if you wish to change between Pounds, Euros or Dollars.  Click here for postage rates.

CobWeb Balun from Ham GoodiesOur CobWeb Balun now comes in both Standard and QRO versions - so if your requirement is for more than 400-watts, this newer model is for you.

The 31-mix "Problem-Solver" makes a great mains filter or ad-hoc RF choke.  We've added a picture showing how to use this as an effective mains filter for in-line use on your Shack wiring.

Club Goodies - if your club runs a raffle or wants to reward a new Ham with something to get them started in the hobby, our Club Goodies section offers some useful ideas.

RTL SDR Dongle Receiver from Ham GoodiesThe RTL SDR Dongle- Our RTL SDR Dongle pack includes your choice of coax adapter plus install guide for receiving signals 25-1800MHz. A great way to track planes, listen to local Ham chatter and more.

Baluns and Ferrites : For most Dipole/Doublet installations up to 100w, we suggest this 1:1 Choke/Balun.  If you'd prefer QRO or something more suited to frequencies below 14MHz, our 400w Doublet/G5RV Choke is ideal.  We also have the FT240-31 and FT240-43 ferrites plus RG316 coax for home-brew'ing your own balun.

Aerial Construction : Our Slim-Jim kit is a great way to get into your local repeaters, chat with local Hams and enjoy a bit of "home brew" in the process.  The kit includes a 3-page instruction guide and also makes a great club project.

Radio Programming : If you need a head-start with programming an FM radio via CHIRP, here's our FREE UK Repeater (and EchoLink) CSV file which you can use to copy/paste into a radio.

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