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We offer a variety of Amateur Radio bits 'n' pieces for not only the Shack, but also a range of outdoor portable kit.  Our Baluns are made in our workshop and therefore pride is taken in using not only the best quality materials - but also the right materials.  See About Us for more details.

We ship to the UK, Ireland and Europe (if your Country is in the drop-down box on the Register page, we can ship to you).  Click here for postage/shipping rates.  You can easily calculate the cost of shipping by adding items to the shopping cart and entering your Post/ZIP Code.  Some items, particularly ferrites, attract a quantity discount - ideal for club/group buys.  Prices on ferrites are competitive but do vary with the market.

2x FT240-31 Choke/Isolator with 12-turns of RG142Baluns are our thing - and you'll find various Balun and Choke solutions here.  We believe that using the right ferrite size (and material) is important.  We keep a good stock all kinds of ferrites for your own projects.  Shown here is a QRO Choke featuring 2x FT240 toroids wound using RG142 coax.

Whether you run a Dipole, Doublet/G5RV, End-Fed or need something for behind the ATU - we have a solution for you!  If you're not sure which Balun or Ferrite Toroid is best for your situation - we've produced a handy reference page to help.  For most Dipole/Doublet/G5RV installations up to 100w, we suggest this lightweight 1:1 Choke/Balun.

Bank Holiday offers from Ham Goodies
An extra day off means no post, but does mean a few offers - see our Specials page for some Bank Holiday savings...

DMR CodePlug and CHIRP CSV Files updated 22nd May - We offer a free DMR CodePlug for the Anytone D878 which is useful as a starting-block for your own local DMR repeaters.  You can also grab our UK Repeater (and EchoLink) CSV file for CHIRP which you can use to load memories into most radios.

Dipole Centre kit from Ham GoodiesIt's time to go "Portable" - untangle those wires, check that everything is ready for your next bit of /P!  Our standard and large wire-winders take care of storing those dipoles.  Grab a Dipole Centre Kit, a pack of our Velcro Cable Ties, some Rigging Cord and a Storage Bag to complete the ensemble.

Our Dipole Centre Kit be used as the integral part of a Dipole or Doublet and is ideal for use at home or /P.  By connecting your feeder directly, you can save the weight of a PL259/SO239 combination.  For VHF, you can't beat a 2m Slim-Jim - available in kit-form or ready-built.

Patch Leads - For connections around the Shack (and outdoors), our Mini-8 Patch Leads take care of radio-to-ATU hookups plus there's the option of a ferrite.  Leads also come in PL259/SO239 variants for quick "in-line" tests on cable runs.

Clearance Items - Some things don't last forever, so check our Clearance page for a bargain...

If there's something strange, on your waterfall... The rise of work-from-home means more electrical nasties in your neighbourhood, and it don't look good!  Thankfully, there's a chance that our 31-mix "Problem-Solver" can tame some of the electrical "crud" coming through the house wiring.  It can also be used as an RF choke on coaxial cables.  This item is a great way to test your coax and/or mains leads before committing to a permanent fix.

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