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We offer a variety of Amateur Radio bits 'n' pieces for not only the Shack, but also a range of outdoor portable kit.  Our Baluns are made in our workshop and therefore pride is taken in using not only the best quality materials - but also the right materials.  See About Us for more details.

We ship to the UK, Ireland and Europe (if your Country is in the drop-down box on the Register page, we can ship to you).  Click here for postage/shipping rates.  You can easily calculate the cost of shipping by adding items to the shopping cart and entering your Post/ZIP Code.

Some items, particularly ferrites, attract a quantity discount - ideal for club/group buys.  Prices on ferrites are competitive but do vary with the market.

2x FT240-31 Choke/Isolator with 12-turns of RG142Baluns are our thing - and you'll find various Balun and Choke solutions here.  We believe that using the right ferrite size (and material) is important.  We keep a good stock all kinds of ferrites for your own projects.  Shown here is a QRO Choke featuring 2x FT240 toroids wound using RG142 coax.

Whether you run a Dipole, Doublet/G5RV, End-Fed or need something for behind the ATU - we have a solution for you!  For most Dipole/Doublet/G5RV installations up to 100w, we suggest this lightweight 1:1 Choke/Balun.

Balun/Ferrite Hints/Tips - Our handy reference page has just been updated!

Problem-Solver Ferrite Choke from Ham GoodiesIf there's something strange, on your waterfall... The rise of work-from-home means more electrical nasties in your neighbourhood, and it don't look good!  Thankfully, there's a chance that our 31-mix "Problem-Solver" can tame some of the electrical "crud" coming through the house wiring.

It can also be used as an RF choke on coaxial cables.  This item is a great way to test your coax and/or mains leads before committing to a permanent fix.

DMR CodePlug and CHIRP CSV Files - We offer a free DMR CodePlug for the Anytone D878 which is useful as a starting-block for your own local DMR repeaters.  On the same page is our UK Repeater/Gateway CSV file for CHIRP which you can use to load memories into most radios.

Dipole Centre kit from Ham GoodiesLet's go "Portable" - untangle those wires, check that everything is ready for your next bit of /P!  Our standard and large wire-winders take care of storing those dipoles.  Grab a Dipole Centre Kit, a pack of our Velcro Cable Ties, some Rigging Cord and a Storage Bag to complete the ensemble.

For VHF, you can't beat a 2m Slim-Jim - these are available in kit-form or ready-built.

Ham Goodies

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