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We offer a variety of Amateur Radio goodies for not only the Shack, but also a range of outdoor/portable kit.  Our Baluns are made by us in our workshop and therefore we take pride in using not only the best quality materials - but also the right materials.  See About Us for more details.

We ship to the UK, Europe, Australia and United States (currency selector at the top of the page).  Click here for postage/shipping rates.  You can easily calculate the cost of shipping by adding items to the shopping cart and entering your Post/ZIP Code.

STATUS UPDATE 15th April: Most orders being shipped within 1-2 working days.  There may still be delays with Royal Mail, see their website under "Service Updates for details.  These are, obviously, outside of our control.

Ready for /P?  Hopefully, there'll be some opportunities for a bit of /P this year - so make sure you've got your aerial bits sorted!  Our new Wire-Winder takes care of storing those dipole wires, grab a Dipole Centre Kit and some Velcro Cable Ties to complete the ensemble.  We love a 2m Slim-Jim when visiting our local SOTA summit - our kit includes all the bits (you just add the coax feeder), is easy to make and comes with full instructions.

The RTL SDR Dongle Receiver from Ham GoodiesRTL SDR Dongle pack includes your choice of coax adapter plus installation guide for receiving signals 25-1800MHz. A great way to track planes, listen to your local repeater and even as a teaching aid for club talks/presentations.

Baluns and Ferrites : It's good practice to fit a BAL(anced) to UN(balanced) transformer where feeder meets aerial (or a different feeder).  For most Dipole/Doublet/G5RV installations up to 100w, we suggest this lightweight 1:1 Choke/BalunMaking your own? - 8 turns of coax on an FT240-31 ferrite is OK for most Balun/Choke situations, but see the chart on our Ferrites page for further details.

Oh, Baluns! If you've ever dropped a vital aerial part into the long grass - a spare set of fixings might be a good idea!  We now offer a set of stainless-steel M4 fixings which can be used with all of our balun products.

Problem-Solver Ferrite Choke from Ham GoodiesIf there's something strange, on your waterfall... The 31-mix "Problem-Solver" makes a great mains filter for taming household "crud" as well as an ad-hoc RF choke on coaxial cables for your portable kit.  Check out the product page for details on how to use this as an effective mains filter for your Shack.

Got a New Radio? : Grab our FREE UK Repeater (and EchoLink) CSV file for CHIRP which you can use as a starting block to load memories into your radio.  We also have a Generic UK-wide DMR CodePlug for use with the Retevis RT84.

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