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We offer a variety of Amateur Radio bits 'n' pieces for not only the Shack, but also a range of outdoor portable kit.  Our Baluns are made in our workshop and therefore pride is taken in using not only the best quality materials - but also the right materials.  See About Us for more details.

It's Free-Post Friday!We ship to the UK, Europe, Australia and United States.  Click here for postage/shipping rates.  You can easily calculate the cost of shipping by adding items to the shopping cart and entering your Post/ZIP Code.

It's the return of Free-Post-Friday where all UK orders are posted 1st-Class "Signed-For" at no extra cost (saving you £4.85p).  Just select the "Free-Post" option during checkout.  Ends 9pm.

What Balun/Ferrite?  FT140, 240 with 31 or 43 mix?  If you're not sure which Balun or Ferrite Toroid is best for your situation - we've produced a quick reference page to help.  It's good practice to fit a BAL(anced) to UN(balanced) transformer where feeder meets aerial (or a different feeder).  For most Dipole/Doublet/G5RV installations up to 100w, we suggest this lightweight 1:1 Choke/BalunMaking your own? - 8 turns of coax on an FT240-31 ferrite is OK for most Balun/Choke situations, but see the chart on our Ferrites page for further details.

Problem-Solver Ferrite Choke from Ham GoodiesThe 31-mix "Problem-Solver" makes a great mains filter for taming household "crud" as well as an ad-hoc RF choke for your /P kit.  Check out the product page for details on how to use this as an effective mains filter for your Shack.  We also stock the "flat core" ferrites for making the patch-leads featured in GM3SEK's "In Practice" series.

We've a 9:1 UnUn which is great for use with "random" lengths of wire that typically present a high impedance so this box can bring it down to a range acceptable to your transceiver or its internal ATU.  We also have an End-Fed Halfwave matching unit.

Grab our FREE UK Repeater (and EchoLink) CSV file for CHIRP which you can use as a starting block to load memories into your radio.  This file contains all GB3/GB7/MB6/MB7 systems for use with FM and digital (DMR, Fusion etc) radios.  Open this file in CHIRP, "read" from your radio and then copy+paste your chosen memories across before sending them back to the radio.  (file last updated 3rd Nov).

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