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Ham Radio, or Amateur Radio is a communications and electronics hobby.  Whether you're a buyer or a maker - we have a bit of everything for not only the Shack, but a range of outdoor/portable kit, too.  From aerials to adapters, cables to controllers and sensors to SDR.  A number of products are made in-house, such as our range of HF Baluns, CobWebb Balun, 2m Slim-Jim kit and KX3 DC cable - In the case of our Baluns, we pride ourselves on using not only the best quality materials but also the right materials - This means a ferrite toroid made from the correct mix as well as coaxial cable that will take the power quoted.

Amateur Radio is, traditionally, a technical hobby and this means that some of our products are building-blocks as part of a larger project - and others are ready to use "as is".  Ham Goodies is operated by Charlie M0PZT and offers a range of add-ons for your handheld/mobile radio plus HF aerial parts, baluns, DMR/FM transceivers and a small range of Arduino/Raspberry Pi "tech".  We ship to the UK+Europe.

Programming a radio?  Have a look at our CHIRP video plus read M0PZT's blog article on CHIRPing a Baofeng here...

If you're planning on going mobile, why not grab our Car Aerial Mount and add an NL-770S 2m/70cm aerial for just £5...

Want to operate multiple bands when portable?  Our Multi-UnUn offers 4, 9 and 16:1 ratios for matching end-fed/vertical wires to your radio.

Looking for an aerial project?  Our CobWebb Balun box forms the heart of this popular HF antenna: Resonant on 5-bands, under 8ft square and a great performer!


Ferrites - We stock a variety of ferrite toroids and snap-on chokes.  Popular types include the FT140-43 for 100w Baluns, 9mm snap-on for USB cables.

Also check out our 31-mix Problem-Solver for mains-filtering and serious choking - it's a large snap-on ferrite that is designed to help common-mode woe around the house.

We are taking a break from selling MD-380/RT3 DMR radios for a while to concentrate on other products (mainly baluns) ready for the summer...

  • No minimum order value - and we send everything 1st-Class "Signed-For" (from £4.50p) assuring total peace of mind (weight-based shipping applies)
  • Most orders are sent "same-day" if placed before 3pm.  Royal Mail aim to deliver 93% of "1st-Class" items the next working day.  Need it urgently?  Order before 3pm (Mon-Fri) and select "Special Delivery".  We ship to the UK and Europe only.  European orders take 3-5 working days.  Full details on payment and delivery options can be found here...
  • When registering - Please ensure that you enter your details correctly - If you do not get a registration/order/payment confirmation e-mail please check your spam folder and/or re-check your e-mail address under your account profile.  We'll send you an automated registration confirmation as well as a separate order and payment e-mail - Upon shipping of your order, you'll get a notification along with a tracking number.
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You'll find more updates and offers on our Twitter feed or see our Specials page for details of current offers.  We also send out an occasional e-mail newsletter - sign-up for an account and select "Yes" to be added to the mailing list.  Please note that prices of some items may fluctuate as we try to be as competitive as possible.

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